Adding your Company Employees to your new PASKR site.

Adding your company employees to PASKR and sending them their Username and Password.

Ahhh, you’ve just purchased your PASKR software, and it is just as exciting as opening up that Christmas gift you have been anticipating all season long…and you can’t wait to open it up and play with it!!

Well, let’s take a look at the first few steps you will take to begin using your new tool. You would have received your Username and Password after your site was built. We recommend after receiving the email with your Username, Password, and the URL for your PASKR site, that you save your URL as a favorite on your Web Browser.

When you login for the very first time you will land on your Global Dashboard. Isn’t it pretty!!

Global Dashboard

Step 1: Adding your Company Employees to your new PASKR site

Follow these instructions to add your company employees:

  • Go to Settings>Company Settings>Click the + sign to Add a New Company Employee>Complete the form including their PASKR rights at the bottom of their screen.
GC Employee
  • Send the employee their Username and Password. You will be prompted to do so after filling out their employee information window. However, if you need to send it to them again click on the blue hyperlink “Send Username and Password”.
Send UN PW-1