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Administrative email is a way to send a group of contacts a particular email. You can send emails to all project contacts, specific trade groups, as well as company employees.

Administration Email also has a Set-Up Notice email that can be sent to all project contacts after you sign up and begin to integrate PASKR for your company. The Set-Up Notice is a pre-populated email that lets your contacts know that you have begun using PASKR as your Project Management Software. Here is an example of the email:

"You have received this notification from PASKR Training Company to set up your Password and Username to access our company's new Project Management website.

We ask all Customers, Vendors, Architects, Subcontractors & Engineers to please take the time to log on and verify your company information and your company's individual contact information.

This is an important step in allowing us to communicate more effectively with you going forward. It will ensure that you are included in Bid Invitations for our future projects and help us facilitate Pay Requests faster with less chance for payments being delayed due to outdated information.

For Owners and Architects it will allow us to send you project documents via email and allow you to see current project information on the website anytime you desire.

We are very excited about this new tool and believe it will facilitate a better team effort and enhance our overall customer service.

Thank you for your help and we look forward to working together to make this a great success.

Web Site Login Address:


  1. Log in using the Web Site Log In Address, username and password below.

  2. Find the box titled 'Company Information' and select the blue text 'edit'.

  3. VERY IMPORTANT: Open each employee in your company by clicking on their name in blue text. Make sure they have a valid email address. This will ensure prompt delivery of bid invitations and correspondence. If you have received this by fax we do NOT have an email address for you.

  4. If you have a PO Box please enter that information in the "Address 2" text box area. If there is a PO Box currently in the "Address 1" text box area please change it to a physical address as this information will be used to execute contracts and billings for various projects in the future.

  5. Select the "ADD TRADE TYPES" button found in the orange bar at the top of the page. You will see a list of trade descriptions in alphabetical order. Click on the trade types your company performs and then click "ADD TRADE TYPES" and your done.

  6. To remove trade types, select all that you want to remove by clicking on them. Then select the Remove button below."