Add/Remove Bidders

Tasks>Bid Invitations>Send Invitations

There are several ways to Add and Remove Bidders from the Bid Invitation List. When you are on the Bid Invitation List screen, after you have used your filters to pull contacts from your database that meet your filtered criteria, you will see the number of invitees for each cost code in parentheses next to the number.

If you click on the Cost Code, it will show you the companies that were selected by the filters. If you would like to add contacts that did not meet the filtered criteria, you will notice a + sign next to the cost code. This will take you to the list of contacts that can perform the work, but did not meet your criteria. There will be a + sign next to their company name to add them to the list.

Click the + sign to Add the Company to the Bid Invitation List

Likewise, if there is anyone who was selected by the filters that you do not want to invite, you will see a - sign next to their company name to remove them from the Bid Invitation List.

Click the - sign to Remove the Company from the Bid Invitation List

If you do not wish to use any of the contacts that the filters pull from your contact database, and you would rather choose your contacts, you will notice a REMOVE ALL button at the top of your screen.

Click Remove All

If you are on your Estimate Base Bid Worksheet (Tasks>Estimate Base Bid) and you wish to remove a bidder that is showing under the gavel icon, click the trash can next to their company name to remove them from the list.

From Estimate Base Bid, click Trash Can to remove Bidder