Owner Billing


  1. You can now expand divisions when creating a schedule of values by division and by division w/profit

  2. You can now create a schedule of values by cost code

  3. You can now create a schedule of values for each phase added to the job

  4. Bills will auto populate with approved subcontractor bills and time cards if using any schedule of value template except Custom Unrestricted

  5. We have improved accountant controls

    1. A bill that has been sent to accounting can no longer be changed without an accountant knowing it.

      1. Owner bills cannot be edited by a project manager after they have been signed and sent to accounting.

      2. A signed bill may only be edited by an accountant.

      3. Only an accountant can un-sign a signed bill or void a notarized bill so a project manager can edit it


  1. Choose/Create Schedule of Values for Continuation Sheet

  2. Create bill

  3. Digitally sign

  4. Accountant receives email notification

  5. Accountant reviews and edits

  6. Notary digitally notarizes

  7. Owner and/or Architect receive email notification

  8. Architect and/or Owner digitally sign

  9. Accountant receives email notification

  10. Paskr files in Pay Application drawer

Video Tutorial for Owner Billing