Subcontractor Billing


  1. Sub must sign contract and change orders

  2. Sub submits Schedule of Values (Continuation Sheet) if PM requires

  3. PM receives email notification

  4. PM approves or rejects for editing

  5. Sub receives email notification

  6. Sub creates and submits Vendor/material schedule of values if accounting requires. Why? So you can ensure that your subs pay their bills.

  7. Vendor/material schedule of values is filed in Required Documents.

  8. Sub submits pay application

    1. If admin Sub Billing Notary Option is set to Digitally Notarized, sub will be asked to electronically sign a lien release.

  9. PM reviews and rejects for editing or approves

  10. Sub receives email notification that it has been approved

    1. If admin Sub Billing Notary Option is set to Scanned Hand Signed Notary

      1. Sub will receive an email with a lien release attached.

      2. Sub signs, notarizes and submits lien release via email or prints and brings to GC for notary

      3. Accountant approves, rejects or uploads the lien release

  11. Paskr files in Pay Application drawer

Video Tutorial for Subcontractor Billing