Can I Add A Group of Activities To My Schedule?

Yes, Schedules includes the ability to use Groups for both Parent Tasks (children with same cost code) and to replace Summary Bars which could be used to group multiple cost codes and custom tasks together.

  • Parents and Summary Bars on Migrated schedules will both be converted to Groups.
  • Groups take on the duration of all the cumulative tasks grouped within them.
  • Adding Custom Child or Adding Cost Code Child to any task from the Ellipses on the new schedule will automatically convert that task to a Group.
  • Groups can be collapses while you work on screen or when Printing by clicking the minus sign next to the Group name.
  • HINT: Groups will not be included in the Daily Log Integration.  If you have the Parent task linked on the schedule, you will need to update the relationships so completion of the Child Tasks will factor into Proposed Schedule Changes if those tasks are delayed.