Can I Add RFIs Without Sending Notifications?

Yes. You can add Requests for Information (RFIs) or Answers without sending notifications. To turn OFF notifications for a project, switch the Notification Toggle to the Off position and proceed with making your updates.

RFI Notifications will be sent when Notifications On is highlighted in blue.

RFI Notifications will NOT be sent when toggle is switched to blue Off position.

Additional notes about Notifications:

  • You can turn notifications on or off at any time from inside the project.
  • This will only apply to updates made by the GC, so any RFIs that have previously been sent out will still post notification updates if participants respond to those emails.
  • The GC will still be able to select Save & Submit with RFI when notifications are in the OFF position, but a confirmation message will ask to acknowledge that you DO wish to override and send the notification out at that time.

Why Did We Add This Feature?

While the automatic RFI email notifications are an excellent way to guarantee that all parties see RFI updates in real time, there were a few scenarios where users prefer to have the option to turn these off.

  • This enables new paskr clients to enter existing project RFIs and list the parties that were involved as CCs without sending notifications to the contacts about already resolved RFIs.
  • This allows GCs to keep a record of RFIs documented inside the paskr project, even if an Owner or Architect wants to complete RFIs outside of paskr.