Can I Create A Baseline Schedule And Compare It To The Current Schedule?

Yes, you can!

First to save a baseline click Add as Baseline.

Name the Baseline.

Once saved, the baseline can be viewed from the left side menu under Baselines.

Click Baselines to see the list of saved baseline schedules. Select a baseline schedule to view

The selected Baseline will automatically show in comparison mode with the current schedule.

Yellow Lines indicate the task’s original position on the baseline.

Colored lines indicate the task’s current position on the schedule.

To see or print a Baseline alone, toggle the Comparison to the Off position.

Email a Baseline

To send an email with an interactive Baseline Schedule link, click Email Baseline.

Start to type a contact name in the To cell and select or add all project contacts and send.

Clicking the link in the email will open an informational view of the schedule. Recipients can open windows to view additional Task information like dependencies and resources that are not typically available with PDF print versions.

Users can Print a PDF schedule in the upper left corner.

No login is required.