Can I create Child Tasks similar to the “old” Schedule Module?

Yes, you can add Child Tasks. Here’s how:

  • Click the Ellipse Icon > Select Add Cost Code Child.
  • Start to type and select the same cost code as the Parent code:
  • Check the Alias Box and add new description to the child task, (the parent cost code will list after the new description)
  • HINT: Remember that the Parent will become a group so you will need to add all Child Tasks needed to completed the Group on the Schedule (these Child Tasks will be tracked on the Daily Logs integration).
  • Enter Start Date and Task Duration
  • The Parent cost code will already be populated
  • Select the Group task you would like the new child to fall under (Note: the only choice will be the parent Group if it is the first child added).

Why isn’t the Cost code Box populated with the Parent Cost code already?

There is a second Child Task option called Add Cost Code Child which is to add DIFFERENT cost codes to a Group. Since Groups replace traditional Parents (same cost code only) and Summary bars, multiple cost codes, custom tasks and milestone can be included in them.