Enter Sub Billing

You can now enter Sub Bills for Subcontractors with a locked/signed agreement, that will not participate in Sub Billing through their portal. This is only available for projects using new sub Billing. The bills prepared this way will use the existing cost code layout as the Schedule of Values (SOV), even if you have the custom SOV rule set under Accounting>Billing>Billing Requirements.

Click Accounting>Billing>View Sub Billing>Add New Sub Bill

  • Set the Billing Date Period
  • Enter bill amounts, either in Work in Progress (WIP$) column or enter a Percent Complete in the % Comp Column. These two cells are linked, entering a value in one will automatically complete the other.
  • Attach any supporting document, such as a copy of the bill you received from Subcontractor outside the PASKR system. Even if you attach a bill, you will still need to enter the correct billing values.
  • Submit Bill when complete