Daily Log - a daily report or historical record of the day-to-day events on a construction site, recording weather, temperature, personnel, subcontractors, accidents, visitors, and specific progress. Many states consider this a legal record. Daily Logs are date stamped on the date of approval by the Project Manager.

Dependencies – on a schedule, linking tasks in the order you have arranged them in using FS (Finish to Start) dependencies by clicking the Link in Sequence button. For tasks that do not fall in that order, you can use custom linking to adjust. Available dependency types are FS (Finish to Start – after the first task finishes, the second task starts), SS (Start to Start – the start of the first task triggers the start of the second task) and FF (Finish to Finish – the second task continues only as long as the first task is in progress).

Divisions - all Cost Codes are broken down into categories/divisions. The current Master Format has both the 16 & 48 divisions.

Drawings – the civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, drawings for a job.

Drawing PDF Annotations – Red Lines, clouds, highlighted notes added to a drawing. These annotations can be added to RFI's to send questions to Architects/Engineers when questions arise on the job site of a project.