Engineer - the person who uses the application of mathematics, science, and practical knowledge in order to design, build, maintain, and improve structures, machines, systems, components, materials, processes, for a construction project.

Estimator - a person who estimates the price, value, number, quantity, or extent of a project.

Exclusions & Qualifications – a listing of exceptions and conditions to be met for a project.

Expected Completion Date – on the schedule, the field prediction of task completion or material delivery date.

Expected Milestone Date – When prior tasks on a project are completed to a certain point on a project, the Milestone completion date is reached and shown by a Flag on the Gantt chart.

Expense Types - the expense types that can be applied to a cost code are .L for Labor, .M for Material, .S for Subcontractor, .O for Other, .OH for Overhead and .EQ for Equipment.