Gantt Chart – a chart that graphically describes activities on a work-versus-time scale, illustrating a planned start and completion dates for the various project activities.

General Contractor - a person who contracts for and assumes responsibility for completing a construction project and hires, supervises, and pays all subcontractors and material vendors for work and materials applied to a project.

General Liability – the general liability insurance % that is applied to all cost item prices. This is set for the overall project under the Estimate (Base Bid)>Actions>Set Mark-ups, or can be set on individual line items as well.

General Notes – appear at the top of the Scope of Work report that is presented to the Owner as a report in their Proposal Package.

Global Dashboard – the main page on a GC’s site in Paskr that shows the Local Weather, the selected Project Status, Tracking Items, Incomplete Action Items, New Email Messages and a Calendar.