In Progress – when the GC sets a project to In Progress, the budget is sent to their Accountant for posting in their accounting software. In this phase the GC has full access to all project management functions (subcontracts, purchase orders, RFPs, change orders, sub billing, owner billing, submittals, RFIs, meeting minutes and Punchlists). Any change to the budget from this point on will be reflected as a change order.

Incomplete Action Items – are listed on the Global Dashboard. They are an action that needs attention that is triggered by a previous action from someone else within the project. For example, when a Subcontractor submits their Schedule of Values for approval, it automatically shows up as an Incomplete Action Item on the Project Manager’s Global Dashboard to be approved.

Internal Change Order – once a project has been moved to In Progress, internal change orders are used to move money from one cost code to another or to introduce a new cost code into the project, and to forecast within the project. Note: This will change Profit but will not change a contract amount.