Material Vendor List – a list of vendors that the Subcontractor plans to use and how much the Subcontractor is planning to spend with them. This is so the GC company can follow up with the Subcontractor’s vendors if they need to confirm that the Subcontractor is paying their bills. An unpaid bill, even if it is indirect can result in a lien placed on the property and it is ultimately the GC’s responsibility to prevent this.

Milestones – a task with zero duration. It appears on the Gantt chart as a milestone symbol. Milestones are generally used to indicate important dates on the project schedule, often key events or goals. For example, you might use milestones to mark desired completion dates, building dry-in or project review meetings.

Milestones Affected – Milestones that will move if field prediction is accepted into the Gantt chart by the Project manager.