Owner A – the main Owner of a project (the building).

Owner B – the secondary Owner in a project (a tenant build out).

Owner Change Orders – a written document which modifies the plans and specifications and/or the price of an Owner’s Construction Contract. Subcontractor change orders can be nested underneath Owner Change Orders passing these changes down to the subcontractor. Additional cost codes can be brought into a project and assigned to a new Subcontractor or a Subcontractor with a locked subcontract through an Owner Change Order. Owner Change Orders must be approved/unapproved in order.

Owner Entities - This option will only appear for Customer/Owner trade types and applies to those Owners who have different entities (more than one company) with different jobs assigned to them. It allows the GC to merge those accounts so the Owner will be able to access all their projects for their different companies under a single log in.

Overhead – is the % applied to cost item prices + labor burden + sales tax.