Schedule of Values (SOV) - Owner – a break out of the Owner contract total that gives detail as to how the GC will bill it. It is often the bid quote by division. In PASKR, there are 2 default SOVs: one by division with profit distributed to each division and the other by division with a separate profit line. The default options pull from the bidding reports named Expanded Division Report and the Expanded Division Report with Profit. In addition, we allow the option of a custom schedule which is a blank page and the GC can make it whatever they and the Owner agree upon.

Schedule of Values (SOV) - Subcontractor – a break out of what is being billed for based on the contract amount only. It provides some detail for the Project Manager to know exactly what he/she is approving on a submitted pay application. Change orders will be added to a Subcontractor’s billing as line items as they are approved.

Scheduled Completion Date – the date that your schedule predicts project completion.

Scheduled Milestone Date – Desired completion date of milestone according to the Gantt chart.

Scope of Work – the bid/trade specific notes created for Subcontractors which are pulled into the Subcontractor's Scope of Work section in their contract agreement, and are also pulled into the Owner’s Scope of Work Report and the Owner’s Contract. These notes can be edited or deleted if the GC does not want them to appear for the Owner.

Search Tags - a way for GC to classify contacts any way they like. These tags are used in the Bid Invitation Filters to sort through the contact database and invite subs per the Estimator's preferences.

Service Work - a small construction project such as warranty work or small projects aside from larger jobs.

Set Markups – found in the Bidding status of a project on the Estimate Base Bid page under Actions. This is where the GC can set the % for the amount they would like to charge on the project for Labor Burden, Sales Tax, General Liability, Overhead, and Profit.

Specifications – a narrative list of materials, methods, model numbers, colors, allowances, and other details which supplement the information contained in the blue prints. Written elaboration in specific detail about construction materials and methods. Written to supplement working drawings.

Split Bid – this option only appears if the GC has identified 2 owners for this project during project setup.

Subcontractor - a person who or business that contracts to provide some service or material necessary for the performance of another’s contract.

Subcontractor Only Change Order - a written document which modifies the plans and specifications and/or the price of a Subcontractor’s Construction Contract. These costs are not passed on to the Owner. Subcontractors can be terminated trough a Subcontractor Change Order.

Submittal – the Architect who designs a project will have created specifications regarding the type of materials that will be used during construction. The Project Manager will create the list of required submittals as well as the date those submittals are due from the Subcontractors. These are transmitted to the Subcontractors who gather information about the materials to be used and the expected shipping timeline for each item. These are submitted back to the Project Manager who then reviews them and gives them a preliminary approval before forwarding them on to the Architect for final approval. For this reason, the submittal process protects the General Contractor because any mistakes that may have occurred are the ultimate responsibility of the Architect who signs off on them. PASKR protects the GC by maintaining a detailed date and time stamped record of all submittals, transmittals, and approvals of documents. Submittal documents and report tabs appear in the Filing Cabinet.

Superintendent - a person who oversees or directs project work on the jobsite.