Creating a RFI

To create an RFI you will go to Tasks > RFI > Create RFI. Click Add RFI

This will open the RFI Creation Screen (below)

Add RFI Form Cells

  • Subject - RFI Name

  • RFI Date - Date RFI is created

  • Due Date - Date Response is Required

  • Question - Text area for question

  • Submitted By - Party that creates RFI

  • Answerer -Party to Answer RFI. If the intended recipient does not appear in list, add them to the Project Information Page

  • Affects Cost - Select Yes or No. Defaults to No selection

  • Affects Schedule - Select Yes or No. Defaults to No selection

  • Bidding RFI - Selecting Yes will identify this as a Bidding RFI next the RFI number and on the reports

  • Specifications - Select from Planroom or free type

  • Drawing - Select from Planroom or free type

  • Cost Code - Select from cost code list

  • Distribution - To Copy Contacts on the RFI, start typing and the system will suggest matches. If the contact is not yet in your database, the system will prompt you to enter with a Quick Add feature.

  • Attachments - Drag & Drop or Click to Browse for files

  • Reminders - Check box to send Automated Reminders 24 hours prior

  • Save - Saves any updates to the RFI Form

  • Save and Submit - Saves information, then sends the RFI out to recipient and distribution list via e-mail. Answers and Responses are collected via the e-mail link and posted in the View/Manage Answer menu choice.