How can I edit, view or manage answers in RFI?

To view existing RFI’s you will go to Tasks > RFI’s > View RFI List.

RFI ellipses

Menu will allow you to Submit, Edit, View/Manage Answers, Delete or Print the RFI.

Ellipses menu and descriptions

Select View/Manage Answer to see Answers and Responses for the RFI.

Answers will appear automatically in the View/Manage Answer section when they are returned. When the answer comes back from the official recipient, it will be marked Answer. Additional comments from other copied parties will be listed as Response.

RFI answers and responses

GC can:

  • View the Answers and Responses
  • Add additional Answers (click Gear and select Add Answer)
  • Edit Answer or Responses from
  • Select the name of the respondant if the system could not identify (this may occur if the e-mail address is not in the contact database or if the account is an alias of another e-mail account)
  • Select the Final Answer (check box)
  • Distribute Answer – When you check an Answer as Final, the system will prompt you to Distribute the Answer to all copied parties.