How can I update a contact or company’s information in my contact database?

Contacts > Search Contacts

Search Contacts

Company Information can be updated at any time by searching for and selecting the company or contact.


(a) Delete the company – Click the trash can next to the company name. This will remove login capabilities for all contacts in the company.

(b) Change address or phone numbers by clicking on the fields you wish to change.

(c) Update Trades, Qualifications, Billing Address, Licenses, Notes or Search Tags by selecting the link on the right side of the header.

(d) Restore a deleted company – Search inactive, select company and click the restore icon next to the company name.


(a) Delete a person in a company by clicking the trash can to the left of their name. This will make their log in inactive and grey out their name.

(b) Update their contact information by hovering the person’s row and clicking.

(c) Add notes about a contact by clicking the note icon to the left of the person’s name.

(d) Restore a deleted contact by clicking on the row and click Set Active.