How can I update my company information?

From the Global Dashboard go to Settings > Company Settings

Change Company Name and or Address

Click on company name, edit desired fields > Done

Edit Company Info
Company Info box

Change Company Phone, Fax, or Website

Click Office Phone, edit desired fields > Done

Phone Number Update

Change Company Logo

Click the logo, browse your hard drive for desired file, select, Open, crop as desired > Finalize Logo

If you have multiple entities, you can edit the above information for each one on this screen. Contact us if you have multiple entities and they are not showing on this screen.

Change Logo

Add a New Employee

Click the plus sign on the far right of the table header.

Add My Company Employee
Add Employee 2-1

Edit an Existing Employee

Click the employee row

Enter required information – first name, last name, and email address and/or fax number. Each employees email address will be their username. If you choose not to enter an email address, they will not receive email correspondence and they will not be able to log in.

Select appropriate employee type(s)

Primary employee type (optional)


  • Can only access jobs on which he has been added as a GC Foreman under Project Information > Manage Project Contacts.


  • Can view all documents including contracts
  • Initiate or respond to RFIs
  • Are available for time cards
  • Create Daily Logs and Time Cards
  • View Punchlist and close punch list items
  • Access, edit and add contacts
  • Receive and send emails

Project Manager

  • Full access to all estimating and project management modules
  • Accounting functions
    • Approve subcontractor schedule of values and invoices
    • Approve time cards


  • Full access to all modules
  • Can unlock subcontracts for editing
  • Accounting functions
    • Viewing and printing sub billing, time cards and milage logs
    • Receive Job Set up reports, Accounting budget reports, all signed subcontracts, and change orders
    • Can create or edit owner bills created by project managers


  • Full access to all estimating and project management modules
  • Will receive bid related e-mails
  • Accounting functions
    • Approve subcontractor schedule of values and invoices
    • Approve time cards


  • Full access to all project management modules
  • Access to executive reports


  • Adds the functionality of making global changes to your construction management software such as cost codes, estimate templates, company defaults, etc.

Hourly Employee

  • Can view drawings, specs, and any RFI’s or other correspondence that they have been invited to participate in
  • Are available for time cards
  • Can not create time cards
  • Can receive emails

Limited View

  • Can only access projects they are a member of

Insurance Receiver

  • Will receive insurance expiration notices when project managers lock subcontracts
  • Will receive a monthly report listing all expiring insurance for active subcontractors


  • Digitally notarizes sub lien releases and owner billing

If you entered an email address you will be prompted to send the new employee their username and password

Select the Contacts Manager

do this from the main company screen. This person will be notified if any company employee tries to send an email or fax to a bad address / number so that they can correct the information in your PASKR database. There can only be one of these in your company.

Contacts Manager