How do I Accept Sub Bill as an Accountant if my Company uses Hand Signed Lien Releases?


Accountant-level approval for Sub Billing is called Accept.

If you are using HAND-SIGNED Notary option for Sub Billing, Approving the Lien in the Lien column (or Uploading and Approving the Lien from the GC Accounting area) will trigger the bill to be marked as Accepted.

In Hand-Signed lien release setting, both PMs and Accountant roles can Approve Lien Releases (which will move bills to Accepted status).

If you have a PASKR QuickBooks Accounting Integration Accept is the trigger that sends Sub Bills over to the Accounting integration.

If Accountants need to get an Invoice over to their Accounting integration Prior to obtaining the lien release, they can us Batch Print option on the Actions drop down. This will move the Bill to Accepted while waiting for the Subcontractor to submit the lien release.


When using Hand-Signed Lien option, Accountants will Accept by Approving the Liens as they are returned by the Subcontractors or by importing and Approving the Liens themselves. These actions will be handled through the Lien Column.

Blank Lien column – Pending Status: when a Subill is first submitted or entered, it will need to be approved by a PM to trigger the Lien Document to be sent.

Import Lien – Approved Status: when the Lien has been sent but not yet returned the Import Lien link appears. The Accountant or PM will be able to Import and Approve a Lien here.

Lien to Approve – Approved Status: When a Lien has been submitted requires Approval (Paper with Signature Icon)

Approved Lien – Accepted Status: when a Lien is approved this will mark as Accepted

PLEASE NOTEWhen using Hand Signed Lien option, both PMs and Accountants can both Import and Approve a Lien document. This action will automatically mark the bill as Accepted. If you have an Accounting Integration and wish to control when the bills are pushed to an Accounting Integration in NEW Subilling module, you will want to make it a company policy to only permit Accountants to import and Approve Lien documents.


Batch Actions, including Print and Mark as Paid allow you to select multiple items at once. Check box next to the Sub Bills you wish select then Click on Batch actions and select from Menu.

NOTE: The items must be visible onscreen for the action to take place.