How do I add drawings to the Planroom?

To add a drawing to the Drawing List, you will go to Plan Room>Drawings>Select a Project (if you are not already in a project).

Plan Room _ Drawings

Click on Add Category to enter a name for a new group of drawings. Drawing categories can be used however you like. Here are some ideas but once you understand how to manage drawings in PASKR, you can decide how you like to organize your Planroom to best present it to bidders and project team members.

  • Bid Packages – You can separate your drawings into bid packages and link specification sections to each bid package
  • Types – Estimate Drawings, Construction Drawings, Permit Set, As Built Drawings, etc.
  • Disciplines – General, Civil, Landscape, Structural, Architectural, etc.
  • Phases – Grading, Site Work, Create your phases before you upload drawings and the drawing category will be created for you.
Add Category

Then enter a Category Name and Click Create.

Category Name

Once you have established your category, check the box to Enumerate Drawings on owner and sub contracts. You will be able to remove individual drawings from within the contract if there are drawings you do not wish to be listed within a contract. Also check the box to Show in PlanRoom. Checking this box will make this category appear in the bidding PlanRoom as well as in the filing cabinet of all project team members.

To Add your drawings you will click on the Gear Icon>Upload New Drawings.

Upload Drawings

Enter in the Issue Date for when the plans were issued by the architect. Then click the plus sign to browse your hard drive to find your group of drawings. You can hold down your shift button on your keyboard to select multiple drawings to upload at one time.

BEST PRACTICE: Save drawings as separate sheets on your hard drive. This is to make your Planroom user friendly to your bidders and to enumerate correctly on your contracts. The drawing title will default to the filename as it is saved on your hard drive. You will be able to change the filename once uploaded but it may be easier to name your files appropriately prior to upload. For best uploading results, filenames should only include letters, numbers and spaces. Some hyphens will not allow proper upload.

Click Plus to choose file
Choose Drawings

Click Done once your drawings have uploaded and are listed on the right side of your screen.

Drawing List-1