How do I annotate a drawing?

You will need to navigate to the Plan Room by using the Left-Side Menu. Click on Plan Room>Drawings>Select Project (if you are not already in a project).


To Annotate drawings you will click on the Ellipse Icon>Annotate.


To zoom in on an area – Click on the + or – sign at the top middle of the screen to zoom in/out on the area you wish to annotate.

Annotation Tools Available:

Raw Shapes:

  • Select Tool – Use this tool to select an annotation for editing.
  • Comment Box Tool – Comments are view able on screen when the shape is hovered over. You can attach a photo to a comment.
  • Text Box Tools (regular and with call out) – These 2 tools will add a text box that will display the text even on hard copies of the drawings. A few formatting tools are available for your text. Text size defaults to a size close to the text on the drawings but you will have options to edit the text size.
  • Simple Shapes (line, arrow right, circle, square) – These 4 tools require 2 clicks after selection, a click to anchor and a second click to finalize the shape.
  • Undefined Shapes – These three tools that have an undefined number of vertexes require a click to anchor each point and a double click to finalize the shape.
  • Free Form (pencil) – Drawing free form requires a drag instead of click.
Annotation Tools

NOTE: Annotation tools are located to the right of the screen. You can hover over the tool to see a description and any instructions unique to that tool.

Making Comments on your Annotation

Once you make an annotation with a shape on your drawings, a comments box will appear for you to make notes to redline your drawings. These comments will be viewable on screen to all project team members when you save publicly. They will also be recorded on an annotation log.


You can add any pictures saved on your hard drive can be added to any annotation other than text boxes and will be view able to project team members on the annotation log. You can add as many pictures as needed to each annotation.

Add Pictures

There is a feature in which you can link this annotation to an RFI. From the annotation dialogue box, select Link this Annotation to an RFI. NOTE: Because text boxes and text callouts print on all team members’ drawings once published, the photo and RFI option are not available for these tools.

Link to RFI

Link Annotation to an RFI by following these steps:

1. Create a new RFI – This is the quickest way to link an RFI to an annotation as this requires fewer key strokes and screen changes. This will open a new RFI form. For instructions on creating an RFI, see Guide to RFIs in the Bidding section of the user manual.

2. Link to an existing RFI – Use this option if you created your RFI before your annotation.

Link to RFI
  • Select Existing RFI
  • If you have already submitted this RFI, don’t forget to submit again so the recipient will know you have added an annotation.
  • View linked RFI from any annotation
  • View linked annotation from any RFI – Pictures saved on your hard drive can be added to any annotation other than text boxes and will be viewable to project team members on the annotation log. You can add as many pictures as needed to each annotation.

3. RFI Recipient Interaction

  • Receiving the RFI
  • Viewing the annotation – When recipient clicks the link in the email, the annotation, comment and any attached photos will be displayed.
  • Responding to the RFI – When the recipient clicks ‘View/Respond to RFI Question’ he will be directed to this interactive screen

To Edit a Comment, Photo or RFI Reference – Open the annotation dialog box by clicking the comment number in the annotation pane or click the shape itself.

To Delete or Edit Annotation Shape, Size or Location – Click the selection tool and click on the annotation.

1. Click and drag a vertex to re-position

2. Place cursor inside shape and drag and drop to re-locate the entire annotation

3. Use delete on your computer keyboard to delete an annotation entirely.

4. Edit a comment, add photos or reference an RFI – Double click the annotation shape to reveal annotation dialogue box.

Save your work – Actions 

Save Annotations

1. Private Save – This will make your annotations viewable only to people in your company.

2. Public Save – This will publish your annotations for your entire project team.

NOTE: Submitting an RFI that is linked to an unpublished annotation will automatically publish this annotation for you so you do not have to worry about returning to the drawing to publish.

To Return to the Drawing List – Click Actions > Return to Drawings List

Save Annotations


From the annotations pane – Once the Annotations have been saved Click Actions > Print Annotations Log

Print Annotation Log

NOTE: The Annotations must be saved as a Public Save first for the Print Annotations log option to appear.