How do I approve a Subcontractor’s Schedule of Values Continuation Sheet (SOV)?


If the Subcontractor is required to submit a Schedule of Values (SOV) set by the monetary threshold in Accounting>Billing Requirements or on the project Commitments>Subcontract List screen, click on Sub Pay Schedules to review and Approve.

NOTE: Subcontractor will not be able to submit a Bill until this SOV is Approved

Go to Accounting>Billing>Approve Sub Billing and click on Sub Pay Schedules

Review the SOV

SOV for Projects using New Subilling

  • Clicking Request Edit or Approve will open e-mail window with Appropriate standard text.
  • If requesting Edit, be sure to include the changes you are requesting
  • Click Send to notify the Subcontractor
  • Subcontractor will be able to Edit and Resubmit the SOV for approval

SOV for Projects using Old Subilling

Project still in the Old Module will still link to the previous approval window  where you can Approve or Decline the SOVSub SOV Approval

If the General Contractor clicks Approve Schedule – This will send email notification to sub and allow him to continue to the next step of submitting a bill.

If the General Contractor clicks Decline Schedule – This will send email notification to sub and allow him to revise and resubmit. You will be able to send sub a message detailing your requirements after selecting this button.

Old Subilling

If the Sub Schedule of Values is approved, but then needs to be revised by the Sub follow these instructions. Click Briefcase>Pay Applications>Scroll to the bottom of this page to Sub Billing Continuation Worksheets>Click Request Edit. This will allow the Sub to revise and resubmit to the PM.

Request SOV Edit