How Do I Approve Sub Bills if our Company uses Digital Lien releases?

All Sub Bills will be Approved From the List Screen at Accounting>Billing>Approve Sub Billing or from within the Project at Billing>Sub Billing which connects to the bill list in under the Accounting Tab.


Project Managers

  • PM view will default to show new bills that require PM Approval on their projects
  • The Filter Icon can be used to change the default settings
  • Click on Subcontractor names to View, Approve bills or send back for Edit as needed.

Projects already using the old module will open to the same Approval page as before. Click to Approve or Request Edit and use View Bill list to return to the List screen to Approve additional Bills.

Filter Icon

  • Use the filter icon to change the Items displayed on the Sub Billing list screen
  • After you have selected your filters, Click anywhere outside the filter for options to take affect

Status Checkbox Definitions

Pending – New Bills that have been submitted or Entered. “Project Manager view” will default to show all Pending Sub Bills ready for PM approval.  Users with the Dual PM/Accountant settings will also default to show Sub Bills in Pending.

Approved – Sub Bills that have been Approved by a PM.

Accepted – This “Accepted” Status represents Approval by an Accountant. Accepted bills will remove the sub bull from the list of active bills to be processed, and push the billing information through to the Job Cost Statement into the “Current Period Costs”, “Retainage,”, and “Total Cost to Date” columns. If an Accountant is also a Notary, Accepting the bill will Notarize the attached digital Lien Release.
NOTE: “Accepting” by the Accountant is the trigger that pushes the Sub Bills through PASKR Accounting Integrations.

Rejected – Bills that have been sent back to the subcontractor to edit and resubmit.

Paid – Bills that have been marked as Paid from the Bulk Actions menu.

Not Printed – Bills that have not yet been Printed using the Batch Actions Tab.
NOTE: If you still Print these bills and send to your Accounting Department, you can use the Not Printed box to make sure that you have not missed any bills. If Bills do not show up when you check the appropriate Statuses (Approved, Accepted etc.) on the Filter in addition to the Not Printed box then you will know that they have already been Printed.


  • Accountants will now Notarize Liens from the Sub Billing list screen.
  • Accountants can Notarize or Accept (depending on their user role settings in Company Settings) existing Sub Bills by clicking on the ellipses (…) and selecting Accept or Notarize. 

Batch Actions

Batch actions, including Print and Mark as Paid, Accept or Notarize allow you to select multiple items at once. Check the box next to the Sub Bills you wish select, then Click Batch Action and select from Menu.

NOTE: The items must be visible onscreen for the action to take place.



New Bills can be Approved either by clicking on the Subcontractor name to open/review the bill, or you can click on the “Quick Launch” Approve Bills Button. This Approve Bills Button will appear when you have a project that has started using Sub Billing.

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  • After reviewing the bill use Approve Bill or Request Edit to send an email to the Sub with your reason for rejection.
  • Use the Skip option to go to the next bill without making a decision. The skipped bill will remain in the current status for approval at a later time.
  • Once you Approve or Request an Edit from the subcontractor you will be moved to the next bill to review in that project. If there are no additional bills that require your action, PASKR will return you to the list screen.
  • Click Sub Billing List in the upper left to return to the main screen at any time.
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The Quick Launch Button allows users to move through all bills quickly and efficiently.

The Button Name itself, reflects your personal user role settings which are set under Profile>Company Settings.

  • Button will say Approve for a PM
  • Button will say Accept for an Accountant
  • Button will say Approve/Accept if you have the Dual Role PM/Accountant setting in your company contact.

The Quick Launch button :

  • Will automatically open the oldest bill requiring your level of Approval or Acceptance.
  • As soon as you Approve, Reject or Skip a bill, it will move to the next bill in the list.
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An Accountant level of approval has been introduced to Sub Bills is called Accept.

  • If an Accountant with a valid Notary Accepts a new bill, it will both apply the Notary seal and mark the bill as Accepted in the status column on the list screen. This makes it easy to see the status a bill is in and also sort by, or filter out the accepted Bills from the filter.
  • If an Accountant does not have an active Notary in the system, Accepting the Bills will mark them as Accepted.
  • For Accountants not required to review each bill on the Bill List, Printing these Bills on the Batch Actions menu will also mark them as Accepted so they are moved out of the normal flow of Approving bills.


Accept will serve as the trigger that sends Sub Bills to an Active PASKR Accounting Integration. Depending upon your company’s specific work flow, any of the above Accounting actions will send the bills to the accounting software.

NOTE: Projects using old Sub Billing will continue to send to Accounting Integrations upon PM Approval until those projects close out.

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New Sub Bill Accept Screen

  • Review Bill, Accept, Request Edits or use Skip to move on to the next bill
  • Click Sub Billing List to return to the main screen
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You can now enter Sub Bills for Subcontractors that will not participate in Sub Billing through their PASKR portal. This is only available for projects using new sub Billing (As of August 17, 2020). The bills prepared this way will use the existing cost code layout as the Schedule of Values (SOV), even if you have the custom SOV rule set under Accounting>Billing>Billing Requirements.

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  • Set the Billing Date Period
  • Enter bill amounts, either in Work in Progress (WIP$) column or enter a Percent Complete in the % Comp Column. These two cells are linked, entering a value in one will automatically complete the other.
  • Attach any supporting document, such as a copy of the bill you received from Subcontractor outside the PASKR system. Even if you attach a bill, you will still need to enter the correct billing values.
  • Submit Bill when complete

NEW Accountant/PM Dual Role

It is now Possible to have an Accountant/PM Dual Role that will permit you to perform both PM Approval and Accountant Acceptance/Notarize at the same time.

To set user account with Dual Role

  • Go to Profile>Company Settings
  • Click employee name to open Contact
  • Check boxes for both Project Manager and Accountant,
  • Scroll to bottom and click Save
  • You may need to log out and back in to see new setting take effect
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