How do I assign an additional cost code to a Subcontractor with a locked subcontract that will affect the amount of the Owner contract?

You will accomplish this through an Owner change order with a Subcontractor change order nested underneath the Owner change order.

IMPORTANT – If it will be a sub change order that is involved in an owner change order, first go to Tasks > Subcontracts > Award Subcontractors and zero out the award amount for the cost code(s) you will use in the change order. This will prepare your budget for the change order award amount. Leave the cost item awarded to you on the award subs page.

Go to Tasks > Change Orders > Create Owner A Change Order.

Prepare the Owner change order using the cost code(s) you changed on the Award Subs page.

Return to the change order list, click the + sign to expand the owner change order revealing the nested sub change order(s) and click the blue price link for that item.

Click the blue ‘Request Sub/Vendor Pricing‘.

Click Invite to select the Subcontractors.

Send for pricing at this point (sending an invitation to the sub is optional) or X out at this point to manually input the amount for the Subcontractor.

Return to the change order list and click the blue price link for the nested Subcontractor change order.

Select the circle to the left of the selected Subcontractor.

Make sure there is a price entered in the Sub Price column. Click Save and close the window.

Put a check in the box next to the Subcontractor change order. Hover over Sub CO Tasks and click on Sign: Checked Sub CO.

I agree > OK. 

An email will be sent to the Subcontractor with a link to electronically sign the change order.