How do I create a cover letter?

Find the Cover Letter by clicking on Bidding>Invitations>(select a project if you are not already in a project)>Cover Letter.

The Cover Letter comes auto-populated with all the information from your Bidding Worksheet to complete the Scope of Work section. The Bid Due Date/Time will autofill as well. You will need to enter the Project Description to complete the sentence: This project is…

Then if there might be any additional information you would like to add to the Cover Letter, it is a text box. You can use your formatting tool bar at the top of the screen to bold, highlight, underline, change font size, etc. Just find the place where you would like to add your information and type away. [SUBCONTRACTOR NAME] & [SUBCONTRACTOR_COMPANY_ NAME] will be auto populated at the time of sending. Please do not alter these while editing.

Once you have updated the Cover Letter click Next to proceed to compiling your Bid Invitation List.

Update Cover Letter

Next – Save your cover letter and advance to the next step. You can return here at any time to make changes to the Cover Letter.