How do I create an Owner Change Order NOT from a Request for Pricing?

Changes > Change Orders > Owner CO Tasks>Create Owner A Change Order

Type the name of the Change Order.

Click Create CO.

Click Add Item 1 Description in the dark gray bar.

Type the description for the change order.

Click Add Item 1 Cost, select the cost code and click on Add Division Items.

Input the raw Owner Price. Markups will be applied using default settings from Administration > Default Rates. Each markup rate can be changed per line item on the change order.

Input the Sub Price. In the case of a .S (Subcontractor) expense type code, this should be the amount that you will award the Subcontractor.

Click Save.

Click Return to Change Order List in the dark gray bar.

To execute the Owner Change order, check the box next to Owner Change Order.

Hover over Owner Change Order Tasks and click Sign Checked Owner Change Order.

Select Recipients and click I Agree.

Are you sure you want to sign this Owner Change Order? Click OK and Close Window.

PASKR will automatically email the Owner the change order with a link in the email to click to view/sign the change order.