How do I create an Owner Contract?

You will access your Owner Contract in the Pending Status, by clicking Commitments > Owner Contract on the left-side menu.

Owner Contract

NOTE: Owner contracts are executed in the Pending Phase of the project prior to moving to Will Start Soon. You can move the job without creating the owner contract but once the job is in Will Start Soon, you cannot go back to Pending to create it with PASKR. You can, however import a scanned owner contract while you are in Will Start Soon or In Progress. You will go to Briefcase > Contracts > Import.

Prior to creating the Owner Contract, you will need to accept any Alternates, Units, or Phases that the Owner has approved. To accept Alternates, Click Alternates and check the box next to the Alternate you wish to approve.

Accept Alternates

Committments > Owner Contracts

  1. Choose contract type from the drop down menu.
Owner Contract-1

2. Adjust if necessary: Agreement date, retainage, project duration

Edit Contract

3. Any section can be modified by clicking the blue text ‘Edit Section’, as pictured above.

4. Choose the print date by clicking in the box.

5. Add attachments by clicking Import Contract Attachment.

6. Click Sign>I Agree>Ok

Sign Contract
I Agree

Once you click the Sign>I Agree>OK buttons, the contract is automatically sent to the project Owner for their electronic signature. You will receive a notification email once the Owner has signed the contract.