How do I create Submittal packages?

The first step to creating Submittals is adding Submittal Packages.

Click on Submittals on the left hand Navigation and select the blue +/- PACKAGED button.

Add Submittals

Add Packages

  1. Click on Packages to add or remove from Submittals
  2. Or use search box to locate items by name or number
  3. Scroll to bottom of window and click Save



Add Custom Packages

  1. Click on the Gear Symbol to Add a Custom Package Number and Name
  2. Click Add Custom button
  3. Scroll to the bottom of Manage Submittal Packages screen and click Save


TIP: You can also use the Gear to quickly Add All Packages in Job for all cost codes in your project and to quickly Remove all Packages Without Items to delete those that have no Submittals created in them.