How do I enter Daily Logs?

Daily Logs can be completed by both the Project Superintendent in the field, or by the Project Manager. In this section we are going to be walking through the instructions from the perspective of the Project Manager. Click Superintendent Guide for steps on how to complete Daily Logs as a Super.

To begin Daily Logs, from the left-side navigation, click on Daily Activitiy>Daily Logs. From this screen you will be able to see the list of previous Daily Log entries, as well as Add Log.

Daily Activity_DL
Add Log_View List

Daily Logs List Screen

From the Daily Logs List screen you can:

  • Click blue Add Log button on left side to create a new Daily Log
  • Filter to view Daily Logs by All, Approved, Not Approved or Weather Days
  • Set the Weather Thresholds for determining criteria for Weather Days on the Project on the Gear
  • Check All or certain Daily Logs, then select to Print Checked Logs or to Send Checked Logs from the Gear Symbol

Set Weather Thresholds

  1. Click on the Gear Symbol
  2. Select the Conditions and enter the Max/Min amounts that you would like to trigger the Weather Day requirements on this Project.

You can also identify the Daily Log as a Weather Day from inside the Weather Details on the Daily Log itself. (See location via the Submitting Daily logs link above)

Print Daily Logs Reports

  1. Check Boxes of Reports you would like to Print
  2. Click on the Gear Symbol
  3. Reports will open in PDF format

If reports do not open, check to make sure your Pop-up Blocker is not interfering. Also make sure that you select a PDF viewer program in your system settings so that downloaded files will open automatically when you select the Print option.

Send Daily Logs

  1. Check boxes of Reports you want to Send
  2. Click on the Gear Symbol
  3. Select Send Daily Logs
  4. Select Recipients
  5. The Dates and Attachments of the Daily Logs will automatically show on the Body of the e-mail when Sent

Dates and attachments appear on Sent E-mail

Approve Daily Logs

Daily logs can be Approved by the PM in two locations

  1. From Daily Logs List screen, click on Ellipse Symbols (…) Select Approve
  2. Select Approve from the bottom of the Daily Log after review

Approve Button shows at bottom of Daily Log for the PM (Superintendents do not see this option)