How do I issue Subcontracts?

Subcontracts can be written in both the Will Start Soon and In Progress Statuses following this same process. If Subcontractors were selected during the Bidding process, you can click on Commitments>Subcontracts.


Select Subcontract type

Select Subcontract

Enter the amount to require Subcontractors to submit a schedule of values. Any subcontract greater than this amount will require a schedule of values from the Subcontractor prior to billing.

SOV Threshold

If the Subcontractor has not yet been selected, you will first go to Commitments>Award Subcontractors

Commit>Award Subs

Click on blue cost code

Blue Link

Select Subcontractor

Select Subcontractor

Enter an award amount if different from Budgeted amount> Save

Award Amount_Save

From the Award Subcontractors page, you can click the View/Edit Contracts button as shown above. Or if you are on another screen, simply click on Commitments>Subcontracts to go to the Subcontract List.


When you visit the Subcontract List for the first time on a project, you will choose the Subcontract you would like to use on that project. You will have our Default PASKR Subcontract, your Typical Company Subcontract that PASKR has custom programmed for you use on your site, or if you are licensed to use AIA or ConsensusDocs, those Subcontracts will also be available for you.

Select Subcontract-1

Next you will set the Amount to Require Subcontractors to submit a Schedule of Values for your approval prior to them being able to submit their first bill to you through PASKR. This is a default setting that you can set for all projects in Administration. However, it can also be adjusted per project.

SOV Threshold-1

To Complete the Subcontract Form, click on the Subcontractor’s company name to open the contract.

Open Subcontract

Populate the boxes at the top of the Subcontract with the Retainage, Print Date and Completion Date>Save.

Populate Boxes

PASKR will auto-populate all the company information located at the top of the Subcontract document, as well as Scope of Work (notes will pull in from Bid Notes added in Bidding Status), Contract Documents (Will pull in from Plan Room), Subcontract Amount, Cost Codes Awarded and Descriptions, Retainage, and Completion Date.

You will click on the Edit Section button above each article of the Subcontract to make any necessary modifications to contract language.

Edit Section

Once you click Edit Section, a text box will open where you can format the paragraph, and add verbiage to your contract. If the paragraph change will need to be added to ALL contracts for this project, check the box for YES. Next click Update Section to save your changes, Restore the default language, or close the text box.

Update Section

Once all of your sections have been modified as necessary, you will View Subcontract list to return to the Subcontract List. Here you will Add Attachments by clicking on the blue 0. 

Add attachments

Then after attachments are added, and all modifications to the Subcontract have been completed you will check the Lock box, then click Sign/Send. 

NOTE: The PASKR Subcontract preparation process is a valuable time saving tool. You can use the very first subcontract as your template for all contracts you intend to write for the project by updating and applying all paragraph changes to all contracts. Once you have updated the Scope of Work, Retainage, Print Date, and Completion Dates, they are ready to be locked. Once all contracts are locked, you can sign and send all locked contracts at the same time with two clicks. Sign/Send>I Agree.


As you lock Subcontracts, if there is no General Liability or Workers Compensation Insurance on file in Contacts>Select Sub>Qualifications>Enter Expiration Dates, you will receive warnings at the top of the screen.

Insurance Message

NOTE: An email will be automatically sent to your Subcontractor as this message pops up, as well as an email sent to your Insurance Receiver letting them know to expect these insurance certificates to be coming in from these subs.

Sign locked subcontracts
Subcontract I Agree