How Do I Print A Schedule report?

Print Report version is an enhancement that allows the PM to view tasks in excel and print to PDF report form, as well as Save version to the Baselines>Uploaded Schedules area.  This report is designed to include Due Dates entered on the Task Details so it can be used to identify Overdue tasks. It can be customized from the Gantt chart view using the Filter option. This enables the user to choose to include all tasks, just those in the Critical Path or to choose one or multiple resources to display on the report.  

  • Print Report will open to excel to edit as desired 
  • Print to PDF from excel and then add to Baselines>Uploaded Schedules  
  • Saving directly from the Print area will upload the excel version  

How to build this report.

Filter task and choose a layout.

If you choose by resource click in the box and select contacts or start to type to narrow suggestions.  If you do not see the desired resource check to make sure you have assigned tasks to them either via subcontract award or by assigning them on Task Details. 

Provide a Name and select Report from the choices.

 Select the desired date range.  Dates will default to full Schedule length. Then select Print or Save options.