How do I set a default Review Time for Submittals?

Set Default Order Lead Time and Review Times for the Project

You can set the number of days for Order Lead Time, GC and Others Review Time by Default.

From the Submittal List Screen:

  1. Click the Gear icon
  2. Select Set Lead Time for New Submittal Items

Enter Desired Default Lead Times. These are used to automatically calculate your due dates for all parties in the Submittals.

  1. Order Lead Time – How many days between material order date and its delivery on site. This number of days will be added to the Final Approval Date to generate the Due on Site date in each Submittal. This default can be left at zero days and entered into each submittal individually if preferred.
  2. GC Review Time – the number of Days the GC would like to review the Submittals that are returned by Subcontractors or Vendors before sending to the Approval Contacts.
  3. Others Review Time – the number of days you will give other Approval contacts to review and Process the Submittals.