How do I set filters for bid invitations?

To set your Bid Invitation Filters, click Bidding>Invitations>Set Filters.

Before you send invitations you will want to first Set Filters and prepare your Cover Letter to send out with your Bid Invitations.

To set your Filters, click on Set Filters.

Set Filters

At the top of the Set Filters page you will set the time and due date for your Subcontractor Bids to be turned in to you. Click in the Date Box, and Time Box to set.

Then Filter by Sub Ranking, Tags, Others, Project Zipcode, and Mile Radius. Once you have set these fields, click Next to move to the Cover Letter.

Set Filters Fields

Sub Ranking – Each subcontractor and vendor can have a ranking that is applied by your company in the company profile under Qualifications. The filter defaults to Average, No history, Good and Excellent. Uncheck rankings to narrow your invitation list.

NOTE: When your contacts are first entered into PASKR, they are automatically checked with a Sub Ranking of “No History”.

Tags – Each subcontractor and vendor can have search tags applied to them in the company profile under Search Tags. Begin typing tag names. Select to narrow your invitation list to only those with the selected tags applied.

Others – Each subcontractor and vendor can have other qualifications selected in the company profile under Qualifications. The filter defaults to all but you can narrow your invitation list by selecting the qualifications listed.

Zipcode – Narrow your bid invitation list by selecting the zip code and defining a radius around that zip code. The filter defaults to the zip code of the project and a 25 mile radius.

Next – Save your filter selections and advance to the next step. You can return here at any time to make changes.