How do I terminate a Subcontractor?

From the Global Dashboard, on the left side menu, click on Changes Change Orders.

Global Dashboard CO

Select one of the recently viewed projects to open or click the HERE link to go to projects list page and select a project there.

Recent Jobs window

Sub CO Tasks > Terminate Sub with Contract

Terminate Sub w subcontract

Select Sub from Drop Down List

Select Sub to terminate

Enter change amount. This is a negative number (current contract amount less what you will pay them in total)

Click on the blue Terminate checked bid items for the name of the Subcontractor button. Click OK.

Terminate Screen

Approve change order to complete termination.


Check appropriate box > Sub CO Tasks > Sign Checked Sub Change order

Check box to notify subcontractor > I agree > OK > Close Window

After the change order has been completed, you can do one or both of the following:

  • Obtain Subcontractor pricing for completion of the scope of work through a Subcontractor RFP.
  • Award the new Subcontractor a subcontract and complete the Subcontract process.