How do I upload drawing revisions?

To upload a drawing revision, you must first be on the Drawing List. Use the left-side menu to select Plan Room>Drawings>Select the project (if you are not already in the project).


Next you will click on the Gear Icon > Upload New Drawings

Upload Drawings

Click the plus sign to browse your hard drive to select your drawing file.

Click Plus to choose file

Drag your file once it loads on the right side of the screen over to the left, and drop it underneath the original file.

Drag file
Drop File

Once you have moved your new drawings underneath the original, click Done.

Click Done

Once you click Done, you will be prompted to notify your contact list that there has been a revision added to the Drawing List.

Notify Participants

You will see the new drawing on the Drawing List, with a (1) in the Revision column. There will be a drop down arrow that will reveal the original should you need to reference it in the future.


NOTE: Only the most current version of a drawing will be shown in non-GC filing cabinets and the bidder’s PlanRoom.