How do I use the Bid Responses page?

The improved Invitation Responses screen allows you more control and better features to view, manage and enter bid information quickly and efficiently.

After you have sent Bid Invitations, you can manage responses by going to Bidding>Invitations>Invitation Responses.


To customize your view, click the Settings gear icon and select Edit Bid Invitation Columns. Drag and drop items into your preferred order or toggle columns On or Off. 


Use Filters to display response results based on Response Statuses, entire Divisions or by specific Cost Codes. You can select any combination of these items to show exactly what you need to see.

Contact Card

Click on a subcontractors name to open the contact card. Here you can view, add or edit their bid numbers, comments and company contact details. One click options to e-mail, update Trades & Cost Codes assigned to the company, or to resend Bid Invitation. 

Manage Responses

In addition to opening the contact card by clicking on company name, information can be edited or added to the Bid Management sheet cells. Using these cells you can update Bid Intentions, change Dates, upload attachments, Import the Bid Quote into Filing Cabinet enter important notes about the subcontractor or their bid in GC memo area. 

You can also check on Bid Invitation Send and Delivery success using these two columns:

Server Status – This column will say ‘Sent’ to confirm that the Invitation has successfully left the Paskr Server 

Delivery Status – This column will report if the Bid Invitation e-mail has been accepted by the recipients e-mail server.

Important Note on e-mail Delivery* Once the email has been accepted by the recipient’s email server it does not always mean that it has been delivered to the recipient’s inbox. If a recipient reports that they have not received the e-mail, there are a number of things that can interfere with Delivery. Besides going into their Spam or Junk mail filter, it can also be rejected from their mail due things like company security settings, firewalls or a high setting on a third-party security protection software. While Paskr has no control over the factors that could cause e-mail to be turned away from the recipient’s mail service, our Customer Experience team will do our best to help you troubleshoot an issue whenever possible.

Print Reports

Use the Print icon to quickly access the Bid Invitation reports

  • Bid Invitation Detail Report – Filterable report that holds the records of all who have been sent invitations on the project, even if they have been removed from the Bid Invitation List screen. This report displays shows bid quote pricing by Cost Item so companies who bid on more than one cost item will appear multiple times on this report.
  • Bid Invitation List – This report shows each invitee once with the total of their combined bid on all Cost Items.
  • Deleted Invitees Log – New report to improve record keeping during Bid Management. It will record time and date when a company is removed from the Bid Invitation List. This will record by cost code if a company is removed only from certain cost items and will record the name of the employee who removed.