How do I use the Top Navigation Menu?

The Top Navigation bar:

The Top Navigation bar is home to Email, the Global Dashboard, the Project List, Contacts, Accounting, Help Guide with step by step instructions for each module along with our video library, and Settings.

Here are some insights into the Top Navigation Menu.

1.  Dashboard – by clicking this link you will return to the New Global Dashboard from whatever screen find yourself on.
2.  Projects – takes you to an alphabetical list of your projects.  Here you will find how to Add a new project, search your list of projects, filter by Active Projects by Status, or by Estimator/ Project Manager.

Project Search-2

3.  Contacts – Here you will be able to search contacts, search by trade, add trade types to companies that may not have one assigned, or export your contacts to a CSV file.

Contacts Menu

4.  Accounting – includes approving Sub Billing, Sub SOV’s, Time Cards, field PO’s and Expenses, as well as setting Default Rates, Selecting Notary Options, and quickly finding Accounting Reports. When clicking on Accounting, it will open a new Left-Side Menu with all the accounting features.  Click on a feature to take an action.  See example below of the new Left-Side Menu:

Accounting Menu-1
5.  Profile – settings contains Administration and your Company Information. Administration will open to a left-side navigation menu to select a task. Company Information will allow you to manage your company employees and their PASKR rights as well as update any company information if the need arises.  Click User Guide/Videos to be taken to PASKR’s Help instructions and Implementation Courses/Videos.
Admin Side Nav