How do I view or approve Mileage Logs as the Project Manager?

To Reach Mileage Logs:

  • Click on Accounting in upper right hand corner
  • Select Mileage Logs from the Left hand Navigation Window
Mileage Logs

To View/Approve Mileage Logs

  • Select desired Pay Period and/or Employee
  • Click the Submit button to query the mileage logs
  • Select Print by Listed Pay periods or by Employee to create pdf file of mileage logs
Mileage logs by pay period or employee

To view all Mileage for a Project

  • Click Mileage by Job
  • Select name of Project or Service Work Project
  • Select the Submit button to query the mileage logs
  • Click on dates to create pdf files of the mileage logs to print
Mileage by project