How Do I View Purchase Orders, Import A PO, Add To The PO, Or Void The PO?

Viewing the PO

To View a Purchase Order after it has been created, click on Commitments>Purchase Orders>Click on the PO Date under the Sent Column to view the PO.

PO Example:

Importing a PO

To import a PO that was signed outside of PASKR, click on the Import button. Select the PO from your computer and import.

Adding to the PO

If you have more materials that you need to add to a Purchase Order down the road, you can click Add to PO. This will generate a PO with the original Cost Commitment number with a dash A1, then number sequentially for each addition to the Purchase Order after that. Complete the form just as you did the original PO.

Void a PO

If you need to cancel a Purchase Order after it has been signed and sent to the Vendor, you can Void it. From the Purchase Order list, click on the VOID button to the far right of the PO line item.

Confirm that you want to Void the Purchase Order.

Send an updated budget to your accountant.