How do I work with Submittal Assignments?


The Assignments Section of the Submittal Form will automatically populate Due Dates for all parties based on the Final Due Date selected, but these can be set manually, if desired.

Information on the Responsible Parties will also pull from other sections of the Program:

  • If a Subcontractor or Vendor is already affiliated with a cost code in Paskr, they will automatically appear in the Submitter line.
  • The GC Contact entering the Submittals will be listed as the GC Reviewer. (The official Project Manager will be copied on submittal notifications.)
  • The Architect will pull from the Project Information details to populate the Approver line.

TIP: If you begin Submittals in Bidding, you may not have any Assignments auto-populating. Click on the Ellipse icon next to Assignments > Add Assignments to add your Submitter, Reviewer, and Approver.


Change Responsible Parties and their Roles by clearing the cell and typing name or selecting from the toggle

Add additional Reviewer or Approval contacts by clicking the ellipse on the Assignments Line. Click Add New Assignee

Add Assignee

TIP: If an Assignee was added after due dates were calculated, you will want to update your due dates manually or you can recalculate after changes, by updating the Final Approval Date cell.