How do Subcontractors return a submittal that has been requested by the General Contractor?

When the Submittal Request is sent to the Submitter they will receive an e-mail with the Magic Link that says ‘Click Here’.

This takes the Submitter to this screen where they can

  1. Attach Submittal files
  2. Make comments
  3. Click Send Files to return to GC

This action will send an E-mail to the PM and Contacts on the Distribution list. The file is entered under the Paper Clip on the Submitter line of Submittal.

If a Submittal document was returned to you outside of Paskr, you will also click on the Paper Clip icon and select Add Attachments.

Once attachments have been Submitted or attached via the paper clip icon, the paper clip will turn from dark gray to blue indicating the attachment.

Submittal Paperclip Icon 2