How do Superintendents move around in paskr?

Superintendents can use the Mobile app from the field, but they can also work from the computer by logging into the company paskr site through a web browser.

Profile icon: The Profile icon allows the superintended to access time cards, and the learning center as well as the ability to change their password.

Recent Projects: The Recent projects card shows a list of the most recently used projects.  Click View all Projects or use the Project Icon on the top navigation bar to access all projects.

Overdue: The Overdue card shows tasks that have been assigned to you that are past the due date. Click on the box to open a list and click on the hyperlink to be taken to that task.

To Do: The To Do card will show tasks that have been assigned to you with no due date or that are still current. Click on the box to see tasks and click on the hyperlinks to be taken to the assigned task.

Left-Side Navigation: The Left-Side menu will allow the superintendent to navigate between modules.

Weather: The weather card allows the superintendent to see the weather for the area.

paskr Icon: This icon will bring you back to the Global Dashboard.

Use the Carets to expand or collapse the modules

Chat icon: Use the Chat icon to talk with a paskr representative.