How Does the Architect View/Respond to a Submittal?

There are two ways to repond to a Submittal, by clicking the link in the request email or by logging into the portal if you have multiple items to process.


Follow the magic link in the email to open the Submittal.

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  • Log into the GCs portal
  • Select the Submittal tile
  • Navigate to the project
  • Click on the ellipses next to the Submittal
  • Click on View/Respond

Stamp and Annotate

Both clicking on the email link or the View/Respond when logged in will open to the same Submittal area, where the Architect can use the Stamping and Markup tools to Approve/Reject each Submittal document.

If Architect would like to download tostamp using their own preferred method, the Download and Upload buttons are located directly above the files on left.

Stamping Features

  • Annotation tools allow for regular markups including highlights, shapes and text.
  • Use the Page Shuffle to add a blank page or import other documents to combine and sort.
  • Click Stamp to use the stamping feature to Approve or Reject each file.

Page Shuffle

  • Add new blank page
  • Import other documents and Save to sort those pages in the combined file.
  • Move or Delete Pages and Save


  • Go to the pagewhere you would like to place the Stamp.
  • Click Stamp button to open Stamp information.
  • Name and default Disclaimer text will populate, but can be edited.
  • Select the Status you wish to apply to the file.
  • Approvals – Selecting any of these will moved the submittal along to the next party
    • Approved
    • Aproved as Noted
    • Reviewed
    • Reviewed as Noted
  • Rejections – Selecting of these statuses will immediately close the current item and create a new item with an added letter and begin the entire process again.
    • Rejected
    • Revise and Resubmit

Preview the Stamp for Accuracy

  • Click Apply for Stamp to appear and position on document.
  • Resize the stamp from corners. Click and drag to reposition on document.
  • If you need to make changes, click on the stamp and use Delete on keyboard to remove. Click Stamp again to open, adjust and Apply again.
  • Stamp all files with a Status to complete your review.
  • Click Submit at bottom to send submittal on to the next party with the automated process.

Helpful Hints:

If you choose to use the Stamp/Markup feature, you will be required to mark an approval status on ALL attachments, as these files will be saved and displayed for the next user in the workflow. This could be a second Approver or if you are the Final Approver the GC will be notified or the Approvals will be automatically distributed depending upon the GCs selected preference.

If you change your mind and wish to switch to Download and Upoad method, all annotations will be deleted.