How does the TX lien release process work in PASKR?

When a Project Manager approves the Subcontractor’s invoice, PASKR sends both the hand signed conditional and the unconditional lien release at the same time to the Subcontractor.

The Subcontractor signs and sends in the conditional lien release after their invoice is approved.

The Accountant receive’s the conditional lien release at (Accounting > Approve Sub Billing > View Pending Liens). Click the Approve link, to open the conditional lien release. Save it to your computer or print out a hardcopy for your files. Then remove the conditional lien release from PASKR. By removing the file, the Subcontractor will not be able to submit another invoice.

Upon payment, the Subcontractor can log into PASKR, click on Lien Releases, click on the name of the job and upload the Unconditional Lien Release into PASKR. Upon approval of the Unconditional Lien Release (Accounting > Approve Sub Billing > View Pending Liens), the Subcontractor will be able to submit another invoice.