How to add a duplicate cost code to a project.

Changes > Change Orders 

Global Dashboard CO-3

Internal CO Tasks Create Internal CO

GD Create ICO

Click on Add Item Cost.

Add Item Cost

Click Add Duplicate Cost Item.

Add duplicate Cost Item 1

Select the item to duplicate.

select item to duplicate

Type in the New Duplicate Name and click Save.

New duplicate name

Click Save Cost Items.

save cost item

Price the new bid item ($ will pull from overhead and profit) and click Save.

Price New Bid Items 1

An email screen opens to notify the Accountant of the added cost item. You can click to Send Accountant Notification or to Do Not Send.

Add new cost item email notification

Your message was sent. Go to Award Subs to assign any .S cost codes to the appropriate Subcontractor. Click Return to Change Orders.

Message sent return to co