How to create your first project in PASKR.

Creating your first project in PASKR.

Now that you have added your Company Employees, and you have added Contacts to your PASKR database, you are ready to begin your first project.

Click on the down-arrow next to the PASKR logo. This will take you to a list of projects, OR allow you to CREATE A NEW PROJECT.

Add New

You will enter information using the Create new project wizard which will pull you through the next 3 screen to enter in the project information.

Project Name

Project Name

Construction Type

Const Type

Project Address

Project Address

Once you have entered all the information in the first three screens, it pull all of that information in to create the Project Information Page.

Proj Info

Now you are ready to begin customizing the project by setting up the Estimate Worksheet.

Click Bidding>Worksheet


Click Actions>Add/Remove Cost codes to customize the items for this project. Then Set Mark-Ups.

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