How to View or Print a List of Bid Items that are not Currently Assigned to a Trade

View or print a list of bid items that are not assigned to a trade type. You will need to have the Administrator Setting checked in your contact profile to reach the Administrative Menu.

To navigate

1. Hover over Settings in upper right hand corner

2. Click on Administration 

Get to Admin Menu

3. Click on Trades on left side menu

4. Click Unassigned Cost Codes

Unassigned Cost Codes

View the list to see if there are Cost Codes that need to be affiliated to a Trade Types. These cost codes can still be assigned to Subcontractors and Vendors as Individual Cost Codes from the Contact area and do not need to be a part of a Trade Type to be used.

Click Print List to generate a pdf document to refer to when while affiliating the Cost Codes with desired Trade Types on the Manage Trades tab.

Print Unassigned cost codes